Fish & Chips!

On a sprawling evening we decided to try out the food joint Score which is located in Malad (West) Mumbai. A decent place for food,beverages and sport lovers. They play some really good music from the 80’s and 90’s too with visual appearance of the vidoe on large screen. They also have games like pool, dart, table tennis on a digital screen with gestures and a small place for basketball at one end. Every table has a small screen put up for match lovers and a good ambience overall as well.

After deciding for quite sometime we ordered few starters, beverages, a pizza with chicken topping along with FISH & CHIPS!

The pizza was decent umm not that great i would suggest. Even after ordering a thin crust it wasn’t that appetizing or made me want some more. It was attractively presented, with new layers to the dishes accompanied with their delicately acidic spike and few sauces at the side. The starter with grilled chicken was better than the pizza with the rich flavours just melting in the mouth subtle yet a blob of mixed authentic taste right at the center of it.

Now the Fish & Chips was a big hit according to me.All fish can be served grilled too, making this potentially the healthiest of the posh fast food options clamouring for a piece of our waistlines at the moment while tasting it back there. A short but well-chosen drink would go really well with it i suggest.

Using the sauce instead of gravy for the chips was a good choice we did. The chips were well cooked and crispy. It was medium sized cut fries and the sauce a mix of mayonnaise and vegetable grated was flavourful and complimented the fish which made it delicious to eat.

The fish I thought would have come in a smaller portion but I was wrong. Was given 2 times more than what I imagined. With 2 large pieces on the platter. The outer layer of the fish was fried till golden colored and it was easy to cut with the cutlery provided. Was tender on the inside and the fish was very fresh. Yes, it was delicate for me to even slice it and pop it in my mouth to eat it.

Overall, excellent customer service and even though it was a little pricy, I think I’ll come back here again when I’m around the area. Do stop by here if you got a chance 🙂



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