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Chocolate doesn’t have to be single origin to float my boat. Chocolate which pushes any of my numerous buttons can come in many different guises.

Chocco-Connection is the perfect destination for fine handcrafted assorted chocolate lovers. Their fine range of chocolates provides a variety of flavours and categories for people looking for lip-smacking chocolates for all occasions and even when there is simply a craving for chocolates.

Chocco-Connection started off with the idea of sharing happiness. And what better way to celebrate than with chocolates. Looking at the quality of handmade or homemade chocolates being produced and the pricing being offered, they felt the need to manufacture fine handcrafted chocolates at a pricing that is favourable to the masses and quality that appeals to the classes. From children to adults to corporates they wanted to create something different, something purely handcrafted and yet available at a reasonable price. Also giving it a personalised touch that doesn’t portray it as an out of the reach product and yet appeals as something created at home with love. Launched just an year ago, they have come a long way where they have not only served retail clients for various festivals and occasions, but have also catered major Four & Five Star Hotels for corporate gifting and have also featured at a number of food festivals across Delhi.

Flavours by Chocco-Connection:


The honey and almond works on a completely different scale. The crunch of the almonds along with the deep sweetness of the honey against the already fairly sweet chocolate will also give you a buzz, but in a different style. This is a type of chocolate that should have absolutely huge appeal to a much wider audience than traditional plain one would be expected to have. There’s a degree of hit the palette oozing wonderful flavours once in your mouth, but with the fine texture that makes it work in this other dimension. It may not be a chocolate that I could find myself consuming more than four or five squares a day, but for that instant hit of sweet chocolaty flavour it certainly does the job like none other. Would recommend this if your not a sweet-tooth person but still want to indulge in some favourful ones from cappucino to the caramalised one.ChoccoFilling2


I’ve tried more than my fair share of chocolate truffle selection boxes but the beautiful thing about chocco-connection chocolate truffles is that they come in all sorts of flavours. You can also get some fabulous nutty heaven or butterscotch crunch truffles that would definitely leave you craving for some more. This chocolate is very sweet and not especially chocolaty. It’s dark brown color with just the right amount of cocoa solids in it. One thing I notice about this chocolate is that the time between when you put a piece of it in your mouth and the time you can actually taste the chocolate is not much longer than with many other chocolates. A perfect thumbs up!ChoccoTruffle2


The main aim of Chocco-Connection is to carry forward their expertise in handcrafted chocolate making, tradition of quality and customer oriented approach that they have been endeavoring to master since the start of their brand with ever lasting enthusiasm in providing customers with moments of delight.

Their mission is to create finest and freshest chocolates made on premises at each location using the best available ingredients with a responsibility to offer customers a personal, unique chocolate experience each and every time they taste their fine chocolates, call on the phone or tap into the website.

I am on my first box of the Chocolate mix with truffles, centre filling and nuty heaven and so far I have enjoyed it. I really like chocolate and I find myself craving it less with this. I will definitely be ordering more when this box is empty 😀

Chocco-Connection caters to all occasions, events and festivals be it weddings, birthdays, baby showers, Diwali, Christmas, corporate events and gifting etc.

 Contact details

Shobhit Koli- +91 8860054025; +91 9810962566




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  1. Very well written! 🙂


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